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“After attending a pets first aid course that Dr. Ellis taught at GCC a year or two ago I decided to move my care to Sunderland Animal Hospital. I have two indoor cats and one outdoor cat who was a stray in my neighborhood for many years. I have had more visits with my outdoor cat Romeo who doesn’t always make life easy for Dr. Ellis, but he is treated like a king and thanks to the “Furminator” he looks like a soft silky little bucket of love and is feeling fabulous! I want to thank Dr. Ellis and the staff at SAH for all their hard work and knowledge they have provided me and my family. Keep up the good work!”



“This note is meant to convey my thanks for your professional stewardship during this difficult time. You really are wonderful at what you do for a living. Thank you again for your kindness and caring and understanding.”



“It has been about 2 ½ months since we had to had you put our beloved dog, Hannah to rest. I wish to express our sincere gratitude to you and your staff for the compassion and professionalism you displayed during that difficult time. As you know Hannah had lost vision in her other eye a year and a half earlier, and at that time I made it a priority to find a veterinarian who showed kindness and compassion. I made the right decision choosing you. In a time of hurried work and lifestyles, you treated our situation as if we were the only customers that day. You are a credit to your profession and a fine human being as well.”



“This is a thank you note from my daughter, a preschool student at PCCC. They took a field trip to your office yesterday and I heard wonderful stories! She wanted to write you and thank you for having them. I appreciate your taking the time to host these children. You made a huge impression! Sincerely,”



“We’ve been so happy with the quality of care our beloved companions have received at SAH. Everyone has been so nice and helpful.”



“Pickles asked me to write to all her friends at Sunderland Animal Hospital to tell you how well she is doing. She appreciates all the good physical therapy, friendly attention, treats and care she received from you all.”



“Dr. Steve Ellis and the wonderful and professional staff at Sunderland Animal Hospital have taken care of the medical needs of “my girls” for approximately five years. These “girls” consist of cats and rabbits…there have been difficult changes in the past year with the loss of three of the four and in every case, Dr. Ellis took wonderful care of them right up until the last moments. He is understanding, empathetic, and very caring in his “bedside manner” and certainly appreciates the loving relationship I have had and continue to have with my new cats and bunnies. I can always call with a quick question and his staff knows me and understands my needs and interests related to my animals. The facility is truly a medical facility, but also offers the quaint touches of local children thanking him and the staff for various things. I really could not recommend a better veterinarian and medical hospital! I highly recommend Sunderland Animal Hospital to anyone seeking outstanding care for their companion animals.”



“Dr. Ellis and the staff of the Sunderland Animal Hospital regularly go above and beyond. With my dogs, I have been repeatedly amazed at the care and loving attention that the Doctor and the staff show, including coming in after hours to check on a sick pup. They take a personal interest in my dogs, and in painful situations, interest in me and my feelings as well. I was also very impressed to find out that Dr. Ellis donates time to the local animal shelters, something that very few local vets do. We switched to Dr. Ellis when he first opened his office because I felt our old vet was too busy and didn’t seem to care about our animals. I feared that as the practice grew, the same thing would happen at Sunderland Animal Hospital, but I can say truly that Dr. Ellis and his staff care deeply and are always there when we need them!”



“I would like to thank you for the amazing care you gave to our animals the year we resided in Sunderland. You were there for us and always friendly, understanding, and easy to work with. Most of all I’d again like to thank you for the care I received for my hamster Schnookums and most of all the support from your staff after she was put down. I will always remember, and talk to others about, how I received a sympathy card from you all after she was gone. It’s the small things like that that prove how much you really care.”


John and Ellen

“We are writing to express our gratitude for the exceptional care that our cat Brendan received during his many years as a patient of yours. We particularly want to acknowledge the kindness and empathy shown by Dr. Ellis and Crystal when the time came for Brendan’s life to end. We will always be grateful for your efforts to make a difficult experience as quiet and peaceful as possible.”

—John and Ellen


“I would entrust my pets with you and your staff any time. You and your staff treated our bunny with such care. You treated him as if he was your pet too, not just a patient. I felt that everyone there understood how difficult it was for us to have to leave our beloved pet with you when he was feeling ill, and they had such compassion for us as well as our bunny. He is still today a healthy, happy bunny due to your care and healing treatment. That you for being there for us when we need you and for being such a wonderful group!”

— Debra


“A few months ago I noticed my 15 year old cat having trouble getting around. I noticed that she no longer would follow me around the house; it appeared as if she was crawling up and down the stairs and overall seemed very uncomfortable. I had brought her to Sunderland Animal Hospital to have her examined by Dr. Ellis. He did an overall exam and did notice that Misty had arthritis. At first I was a little nervous about giving her long term pain medication, but he introduced me to the Therapeutic Laser which requires no medication! He told me that the Therapeutic Laser helps with pain and inflammation. After only the first treatment I noticed that she didn’t seem to be in pain when walking around and she seemed more upbeat! I noticed her laying down and getting up with more ease only after two treatments. As I continued the treatments I noticed more and more improvement with each one. Misty is now able to go up and down the stairs with ease and she can jump on the bed with out any hesitation, which she loves. I have definitely seen a change in her overall wellbeing. She is happier, more relaxed and much more comfortable. She no longer struggles like she did before. I would recommend this treatment to anyone that has a pet with arthritis.”