Sunderland Animal Hospital has state of the art dental radiograph equipment and uses it as a routine part to a pet’s dental procedure. Our Sopix Digital Dental Sensor provides us with the advantage to view dental issues under the gumline such as tooth resorption, abscesses, root fragments, tooth fractures and much more. We are also able to better diagnose disease to know if dental extractions are necessary. A set of dental radiographs includes a series of x-rays showing each and every tooth; and we can print images for our clients to view as well! Dental radiology is a significant benefit to dental health care in pets and we are very pleased to provide this service to our patients.

Periodontal disease is one of the most common medical problems afflicting pets. Pets experiencing bad breath, or having difficulty chewing food likely have advanced periodontal disease. Other signs of dental disease include a build-up of yellow or brown tartar along the gum line, and inflamed or receding gums. In a routine dental cleaning, your pet’s teeth are first evaluated and a full set of dental radiographs are taken. The teeth are then scaled and polished and a fluoride treatment is applied. Please ask a staff member or call today to discuss a dental procedure for your pet!

dentistry services are offered at Sunderland Animal Hospital