video otoscopy services offered at Sunderland Animal Hospital

Ear disease is a common, painful and potentially very debilitating problem in our pets. Until now, the difficulty in properly diagnosing middle ear disease has been quite challenging, and

 treatment of most ear diseases has been frustrating, with the results mediocre at best. A comprehensive approach to identifying and managing all predisposing factors, primary causes, and perpetuating features in each case is the key to successful therapy.

In keeping with our mission statement of practicing technologically advanced veterinary medicine, Sunderland Animal Hospital has the ability to diagnose and treat ear problems with our video otoscope. Traditional hand held otoscopes do not allow veterinarians to view important problems within the pet’s ears. The video otoscope facilitates diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. It improves direct visualization to better assess the condition of the ear canal and the eardrum. It facilitates medical procedures such as deep cleansing ear flushes and surgical procedures in the ear canal through an operating port in the otoscope head. It also allows for more precise sample collection for cytology and enhances flushing and debris removal. Photographs and video recordings provide a permanent visual record of the condition of a patient’s external canal and tympanum as well as a photograph for the your pet’s scrapbook.

video otoscopy services are offered at Sunderland Animal Hospital